Transakcje nauczyciel-uczeń w wybranych teoriach dydaktycznych

Transakcje nauczyciel-uczeń w wybranych teoriach dydaktycznych



Over time general teaching has been enriched by a great number of didactic systems and theo- ries. In spite of their unquestionable value, many of them have only been considered theoretically. The systems and theories that are employed in contemporary classroom teaching are not necessari- ly best. Moreover, they do not always ensure high quality and efficiency of the didactic process. This problem appears to be particularly important at present. Education and upbringing face entire- ly new challenges due to rapid social changes and a fast technological progress. Numerous didactic systems that have been developed so far may be considered universal and timeless. Among their many authors we can enumerate, for example, Jan Amos Komeński and Celestyn Freinet. The analysis, verification and estimation of the usefulness of these systems have become the main chal- lenge facing contemporary researchers. Obviously, it must be admitted that such actions have al- ready been undertaken. However, they did not lead to desired outcomes and did not instigate at- tempts to select and implement the most effective systems on a larger scale. Hence, this is when we can employ the transactional analysis. Due to its clear terminology as well as simple and effec- tive research tools it may enable a reliable and adequate analysis both of the effectiveness of di- dactic activities and of the relations between a student and the teacher. The present article postu- lates such actions. Additionally, in a general way, it indicates these aspects of the most important educational systems which can be verified both theoretically and empirically with help of the transactional analysis.


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Łęski, Z. (2012). Transakcje nauczyciel-uczeń w wybranych teoriach dydaktycznych. Edukacyjna Analiza Transakcyjna, (1), 49–63. Pobrano z



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