Obraz ucznia-jedynaka w świetle analizy transakcyjnej

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Adrianna Sarnat-Ciastko, dr


Recent years have witnessed major demographic changes in the Polish society. It is clearly vis- ible that the birth rate has been continuously falling down, which, obviously, affects the function- ing of schools in this country. However, a smaller number of children is not used to create less numerous classes, thus offering students a chance to learn in a more comfortable environment. The number of pupils in classes remains constant, but the number of only children in them increases significantly. The author of this article studies this particular group of students in an attempt to de- termine if there are any differences in the functioning of children with and without siblings in the areas of their ego states, transactions and time structures.


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Sarnat-Ciastko, A. (2014). Obraz ucznia-jedynaka w świetle analizy transakcyjnej. Edukacyjna Analiza Transakcyjna, (3), 117–136. https://doi.org/10.16926/eat.2014.03.07
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