Rodzice w przestrzeni życia rodzinnego

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Anna Śniegulska, dr


The article is an attempt to review parental roles and to direct attention towards elementary is- sues relating to the fulfillment of these roles in family life. The significance of parental roles, thetasks of parenthood, as well as parents’ influence on children are addressed in the article. Parentalroles, which establish the basic family subsystem, are part of the fundamental dimensions of the functioning of an adult. As a lifelong and multifaceted task, they constitute a component of anadult’s development, a wellspring of contentment and a source of joy in life. The article is demon- strative in nature, therefore, a methodological approach applied in it is the critical analysis of sub- ject literature. The reflection resulting from the analyses relates to the statement that the system of the roles of a mother and a father, as well as the quality of their fulfillment have a decisive influ- ence on the level of functioning of a family, primarily determining socialization and education which take place within it.


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Śniegulska, A. (2016). Rodzice w przestrzeni życia rodzinnego. Edukacyjna Analiza Transakcyjna, (5), 155-165.
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Anna Śniegulska, dr, Uniwersytet Rzeszowski

doktor nauk humanistycznych w zakresie pedagogiki, logopeda; pracownik Wydziału Pedagogicznego Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego. Swoje zainteresowania naukowe koncentruje wokół problematyki rodziny, przede wszystkim ról rodzicielskich w kontekście zachodzących prze-mian społeczno-kulturowych.