Nauczyciel – dylematy związane z wykonywaniem roli zawodowej


  • Beata Detyna Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa im. Angelusa Silesiusa w Wałbrzychu

Słowa kluczowe:

nauczyciel, rola zawodowa, etyka, wychowanie, edukacja


In the course of the research carried out by the author, taking into account the extremely complex and multifaceted nature of teachers' work, the thesis was accepted that regardless of the type of schools in which teachers work, they struggle with various dilemmas. However, the number and "strength" of these dilemmas increases with the need for the implementation of  the teacher to fulfill the role of educator. Presentation of dilemmas chosen by the author related to the teacher's professional role was accepted as the main goal of this study. In confirmation of the accepted thesis, they allowed the author: literature review on pedeutology, own experience related to work as an academic teacher and interviews with many teachers of primary, middle and high schools. Numerous conversations with teachers have confirmed the correctness that the higher the level of education, the teachers report fewer dilemmas regarding the implementation of their professional role. Reflections on dilemmas concerning the role of teachers are interdisciplinary in the author's opinion - they are inseparably connected with transformations of economic, legal, cultural, social, demographic and psychological nature, etc.