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Muzyka w życiu i twórczości publicystycznej Gabriela Garcíi Márqueza

Ludomira GRĄDMAN


In life and creation of Gabriel García Márquez music plays a very special role. Musicality, curiosity for music and the willingness to musiquer originate at family home which is filled with the magical charm of the Caribbean melodies.

When looking closely at Márquez’s creation, it can be effortlessly noticed that music accompanies almost all his works. Both sounds of the legendary Francisco el Hombre’s accordion, as well as Johann Sebastian Bach’s cello suites echo in Márquez’s works. The hereby article presents the role and mean- ing of music in Márquez’s life and emphasizes its presence in the journalistic creation of the writer. The following deliberations are based on the Polish trans- lations of Gabriel Garcia Márquez’s works, i.e. autobiography and collection of columns, in which the author establishes himself as a refined music lover and a tasteful expert on Augustin Lara’s boleros and Béla Bartók’s chamber music.

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GRĄDMAN, L. (2019). Muzyka w życiu i twórczości publicystycznej Gabriela Garcíi Márqueza. Edukacja Muzyczna, 5. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.ujd.edu.pl/index.php/EM/article/view/571

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