Opublikowane: 2019-10-041

Recepcja koncertów Karola Tausiga w Polsce



The article is an attempt of the synthesis of the musical art of Karol Tausig (1841–1871) and an assessment of aesthetics of the works of the outstanding Polish pianist, the composer, the pro- moter of the music of Franciszek Liszt and Ryszard Wagner in the period of developing of the latest trend in the European music. The contemporary press, commenting on Tausig’s performanc- es in Poland, and also the opinions of foreign musical authorities were used in this article as the base for analysis and interpretation of Tausig’s pianism.

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GAWROŃSKI, R. (2019). Recepcja koncertów Karola Tausiga w Polsce. Edukacja Muzyczna, 7. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.ujd.edu.pl/index.php/EM/article/view/558

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