Sports infrastructure for football in Częstochowa in the interwar period
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sports infrastructure
the Second Republic of Poland

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Kościański, K. (2021). Sports infrastructure for football in Częstochowa in the interwar period. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 4(3), 29–46.


The article presents the sports infrastructure for football in Częstochowa in the interwar years. The article was written mainly on the basis of archival and press sources. The conducted research shows that in Częstochowa in the interwar period, several sports facilities adapted to playing football were built. Both the quantity and quality, compared to the national scale, was insufficient. Investors in sports infrastructure were municipal governments, the army and state authorities. Sports clubs and associations also tried to create sports facilities. In Częstochowa, the first municipal soccer field was opened in 1923 in the ‘Zawodzie’ district. A representative sports facility of regional importance was put into operation in the early 1930s. The “Ogniska Obrony Niepodległości” Stadium named after Marshal Józef Piłsudski was considered to be one of the leading ones in the ‘Kielce’ Province. However, it could not compete with the best facilities in Poland in terms of infrastructure. A national and international stadium could be a facility that was to be built at Olsztyńska street. Despite the commenced works, the investment was not completed due to lack of money and the outbreak of World War II. In the years 1918-1939, several pitches for the football discipline were built. Local sports clubs were mostly responsible for them.
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