The Identification Model on Swimming Athletes Skill


swimming skill

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Rozi, F., Setijono, H., & Kusnanik, N. W. (2020). The Identification Model on Swimming Athletes Skill. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 3(2), 91–101.


This research is aimed to produce instrumental test as well as anthropometric, biometric measurement and swimming skill with equation model and software. The instrument is used to identify the skill of swimming athletes. The kind of research used is quantitative with development model approach. The sample is taken using quota sampling technique involving 60 people (30 males and 30 females) for the first testing, and 120 people (60 males and 60 females) for second testing. Thus, the total samples include 180 people. The data is analyzed using factor and discriminant analysis with the help of the SPSS software. The result in the period-1 shows that there are 16-item instrumental tests for male and female. The result for period-2 is using factor analysis with the amount 0.60 and contained 16 instrumental items for male and 14 instrumental tests for female participants. The result for period-3 using factor and discriminant analysis is obtained 12 instrumental tests for both males and females. The software that is obtained is FASTI (Fahrur Rozi Swimming Talent Identification).