Змістові й процесуальні особливості родинного порадництва (на прикладі діяльності порадень при українських греко-католицьких церквах м. Львова)


  • Iryna MYSHCHYSHYN Львівський національний університет імені Івана Франка

Słowa kluczowe:

psycho-pedagogical advising, church advising churches, Christian adviser, functions of advising


The main historical branches, technological peculiarities and meaningful aspects of the activity of psycho-pedagogical advising centers at Greek and Catholic churches of Lviv are analyzed in the article. These institutions are the regenerated experience of the Ukrainian society. Under the nowadays conditions, concerning the affiliation of such institution to church, Ukrainian people trust them more than state organisations of the same direction. The specific technological approaches concerning the organisation of advising are worked out in these centers. The bunch of problems which are being solved is also determined. Taking into account the foreign works in the sphere of advising, the professionals of the church advising centers achieve a great success in giving a consultative help and support to those who need it.






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