Rozwój zainteresowań a wspierająca rola rodzica na etapie edukacji wczesnoszkolnej


  • Dorota Kulik–Nowak Uniwersytet Opolski

Słowa kluczowe:

: rozwój zainteresowań, zajęcia pozalekcyjne, wspierająca postawa rodzica, edukacja wczesnoszkolna


Currently, we live in instant culture reality depicting quick and immediate changes, in the era of continuous creation and manifestation of people succeeding in sport, music, dance or acting. An effective measure to ensure the child's success in the future is an intensive satisfaction of his / her cognitive needs through the child’s participation in extra-curricular activities fulfilling his/her free time. On the educational market we are currently observing an intense increase in parents and children’s interest in additional, paid, classes enabling their comprehensive development. The aim of the presented article is an attempt to assess the phenomenon of 1-3grades children ‘s participation in extra-curricular activities in the context of development of their interests, taking into account their parents' supportive attitudes. Diagnosis and analysis of the research were carried out in relation to two elements of the affective and behavioral parents' attitudes.






Edukacja przedszkolna i wczesnoszkolna