Przedszkole jako miejsce wprowadzania dzieci w świat wartości


  • Martyna Siembida Uniwersytet Śląski

Słowa kluczowe:

przedszkole, nauczyciel wychowania przedszkolnego, wartości


Abstract: Pre-school education center is one of the places where the child gains knowledge, develops skills and shapes his personality. The aim of the activities undertaken by teachers should be the gradual introduction of children in the richness of the most beautiful values
in accordance with the assumptions of the current core curriculum. The constantly changing society affects changes in the accepted value systems by adults, children and adolescents. This requires searching for new solutions and ways to influence the personality of a small child.  Therefore, it was important to determine whether the kindergarten plays an important role in upbringing to values of pre-school children and to examine what role the teacher plays
in this process in order to effectively introduce children to the world of values. Certain values identified by the child already at the stage of pre-school education will determine the way
of proceeding in later, adult life.






Edukacja przedszkolna i wczesnoszkolna