Arteterapia jako metoda twórczej resocjalizacji w pracy ośrodka kuratorskiego


  • Izabela Zimoch-Piaskowska Uniwersytet Humanistyczno-Przyrodniczy im. Jana Długosza w Częstochowie

Słowa kluczowe:

arteterapia, resocjalizacja, ośrodek kuratorski


     This article applies to resocialization of minors directed by the court to the probation center. As of January 1, 2018, there were 97 centers in Poland. Referral to a probation center is one of the educational measures widely used by the court. In this place, preventive, care and educational and rehabilitation-therapeutic activities are carried out. The purpose of the center's work is to change the attitudes of participants towards a socially desirable ensuring the proper development of their personality. The author points to artetherapy as one of the methods of creative resocialization, which can be an effective and attractive form of work with socially maladjusted adolescents.