Szanse i zagrożenia w procesie edukacji i wychowania dziecka w systemie pomocy społecznej


  • Andżelika Retmańczyk Uniwersytet Szczeciński, doktorantka

Słowa kluczowe:

Child, education, upbringing, social welfare, threats, poverty, opportunities, culture


The article is devoted to a child of the social welfare system; it shows opportunities and threats in the process of education and upbringing. Among the threats indicated in the article and listed in the catalogue of social welfare, there is another group of inhibitors, i.e. some macro-social (outside a family) and micro-social (inside a family) threats, the influence of which on a child is often not perceived and sometimes even underestimated. An element being often beyond a family system, and which results from effects of a macro-system, was shown in the part of the discussion concerning opportunities in the process of education and upbringing of children and youth. Culture, because it is discussed here, was identified as a tool that favours an internal tendency for development, for growth, for a productive life of a child. Own observations and conclusions that were drawn on the basis of direct contacts with clients of social welfare were the material basis. Only those threads have been selected that directly influence the functioning of children at schools and in the environment.