Проблеми якості професійної підготовки майбутніх вчителів: рефлексії польських та українських науковців


  • Ольга Біляковська Львівський національний університет імені Івана Франка

Słowa kluczowe:

future teachers, concepts of teacher training, quality of education, quality of training


The article deals with the topical issue of professional training of future teachers in the context of ensuring its quality. A number of problems (knowledge level of applicants entering pedagogical departments; lack of prestige of teaching profession, etc.) influencing the quality of professional training of future teachers is outlined. Ensuring the quality of higher education has been a motto of the last decades and a result of large-scale reforms of national systems of education. Achieving high quality of education is possible only when having an efficient system of professional training of teachers who are able to get accustomed to new social conditions, quickly react to transformations occurring in the world sphere of education. Rapid growth of technologies and continuous process of changes in all spheres of life cause integration approaches to modelling an optimum concept of teacher training and education focusing on three main lines: research oriented, practice oriented and person oriented. Defining factors of professional success of a future teacher in the job market are a high level of social competencies, communicative skills and professional competencies.