Organizacja administracji i sieci szkolnictwa zawodowego w Częstochowie w pierwszych miesiącach po II wojnie światowej



Słowa kluczowe:

szkolnictwo zawodowe, Czestochowa, okres międzywojenny, administracja szkolna


This paper presents the activities of the provincial authorities as well as those of the city of Częstochowa in the first months following the Second World War concentrated upon the establishing of institutions responsible for the organisation of vocational schooling. The consequence of these endeavours was a rapid reactivation of the schools which had existed prior to the war as well as establishing the new ones. Opening educational institutions and providing them with conditions indispensable for undisturbed functioning was one of the most important tasks faced by the new authorities, and the foundation of the social policy of the state, whose objective was to normalise situation in the country, to provide conditions to stay true to ideological-doctrinal assumptions in the social dimension, and also a response to the need of reconstructed economy in search of qualified blue-collar workers and managerial staff.






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