Działalność pozaszkolna nauczycieli szkół powszechnych w Częstochowie w organizacjach masowych w latach 1918–939. Zarys problematyki



Słowa kluczowe:

nauczyciele, szkolnictwo powszechne, okres międzywojenny, Częstochowa, działalność pozaszkolna


The subject-matter of this paper is the issue of the extramural activity of the teachers of primary schools in Częstochowa in the years since 1918 until 1939. The profile of the activity in question was described upon the basis of the participation of teachers in mass organisations which were functioning in schools, in the city and in the country in the entirety of it. First and foremost, into that group, the following ought to be included: the Polish Red Cross, the Polish White Cross, the Society for Supporting Building Primary Public Schools, the Air and Chemical Defense League, and also the Maritime and Colonial League.

The activity in the above-mentioned organisations, apart from didactic and upbringing activity in school, was the manifestation of the civic attitudes of teachers. Not only did it shape the ideas pursued in primary schools, but also the patriotic attitudes of the students, of the parents of the children attending schools in question, and also the local community. Undertaking extramural activity, teachers became the initiators of cultural-educational and social-economic life in the local millieu and for the benefit of it.






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