Aktywność społeczna na rzecz rozwoju szkolnictwa w województwie wileńskim – działalność Towarzystwa Popierania Budowy Publicznych Szkół Powszechnych (1932–1939)

  • Stefania Walasek Uniwersytet Wrocławski
Słowa kluczowe: budownictwo szkolne, szkoła powszechna, Towarzystwo Popierania Budowy Publicznych Szkół Powszechnych


The idea to establish the Society was connected with real needs of the schooling system. The aims of the work, the methods, and ways of securing funding were defined in the Statute of 1933. The work of the members of the Society was focused on material support for the initiators of the construction of public state schools. The needs were enormous. In spite of the support of the State Treasury the financial commitments of the particular districts could be met in very limited scope. The Society found a numerous group of members, with public school teachers comprising a greater part of it. The significant funds that the Society secured were transferred, typically in the form of loans, to local communities which used them to initiate the construction of new schools.

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