Moralność komunistyczna jako konstytutywny składnik osobowości nowego człowieka (homo sovieticus)


Słowa kluczowe:

totalitaryzm, nowy człowiek (homo sovieticus), pedagogika komunistyczna, moralność komunistyczna, wychowanie w duchu moralności komunistycznej


Soviet Union leaders were fully aware that after the revolution that could fulfill their ideological and political mission only by constructing a new model of society and the soviet individual (homo sovieticus). Reffering to the revolutionary projects of XIX century leaders they created the ideal of a communist fighter, which evolved over decades to replace the previous Christian and humanistic values based model.

Education for communist values and dialectical morality was understood as imprinting communist ideology, attitude and behavioral patterns for social interactions in line with the interests of the communist society. The teaching of new competences was extended beyond schooling. The strategy was supposed to guarantee the success of the soviet pedagogy and the superiority of homo sovieticus over homo sapiens.






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