Doradztwo edukacyjno-zawodowe w szkole podstawowej

  • Janusz Nowak Uniwersytet Opolski
Słowa kluczowe: szkoła podstawowa, uczeń, doradztwo edukacyjno-zawodowe, praca zawodowa, orientacja zawodowa


Educational and vocational counseling is a long-lasting process that pupils have from an early age. It has a significant impact on the choice of the way of education and profession due to the requirements of  the contemporary labour market in the 21st century. A pupil entering an adulthood must be aware of the consequences of a mistaken decision made. Properly implemented educational and vocational counseling makes it much easier. This article expresses justification for the purposefulness of providing education and vocational guidance at the elementary school stage. It also presents the legal and systemic forms of its implementation in order to increase students' awareness of making independent and well-considered decisions regarding the further path of education.

Edukacja przedszkolna i wczesnoszkolna