Profesja pedagoga szkolnego. Metodologiczne podstawy badań diagnostyczno-weryfikacyjnych

Słowa kluczowe: pedagog szkolny, badania diagnostyczno-weryfikacyjne, warunki pracy, zadania pedagoga, formy pomocy psychologiczno- pedagogicznej


The article concerns the methodology of diagnostic and verification tests over the profession of a school pedagogue. In the introduction, it refers to the beginnings of the profession. Then, current studies in this area are cited. The article describes the assumptions of own research, i.e. their subject and purpose, research problems and methods and techniques used in the study. The results of statistical analyzes were structured in the following areas: working conditions, school pedagogue duties, forms of pedagogical help in working with students, parents and teachers, factors determining the work model of the school pedagogue and individual characteristics important in the pedagogue profession. The analyzes described are the basis for formulating conclusions in the final part of the article.