Wybrane współczesne problemy funkcjonowania w zawodzie nauczyciela i ich rozwiązywanie


  • Zofia Frączek Uniwersytet Rzeszowski

Słowa kluczowe:

role, zadania i kompetencje nauczycieli; ranga zawodu nauczyciela; doskonalenie kształcenia nauczycieli


Nowadays, in the face of rapid transformations of social reality, there is a frequently asked question- how to prepare the young generation for the upcoming changes and future challenges. In particular it concerns their professional life, which is currently strongly connected with continual progress. The academic teachers, who prepare pedagogical faculty, and also young teachers, who are aware that their work will influence the future of young polish generation, attempt to answer this question. This text is the voice in discussion about teachers education, which has been present in pedagogical research for years. The author presents short overview of teachers’ roles, challenges and expected expertise, shows problems of functioning in this profession, reasons of weakening of its significance and offers some ideas in improving this situation.