Antropologiczny obraz wychowania w ujęciu starotestamentalnym


  • Łukasz Chodorowski

Słowa kluczowe:

antropologia, wychowanie, pedagogika, Stary Testament


The given article is an attempt to grasp fundamental aspects of pedagogical and anthropological terms of raising children in the Old Testament. It must be emphasized that the study does not aspire to support a certain worldview or to agitate for one's own axiology. The conducted analysis is merely to articulate main messages of the anthropological view of raising children in the Old Testament. Obviously, the Yahweh narration does not constitute an organized textbook of pedagogics, what makes the author of the article to research, correlate and to systematize key anthropological sentences. The article also points to the fact that the knowledge included in the revealed texts is not only theoretical, but it is mainly of existential and practical character. Upbringing in the Old Testament, despite the eschatological level, was oriented on shaping a new human being and the society. The practical sphere of the conducted ponderation is of educational and awareness aspects of anthropological upbringing in the Old Testament in the context of contemporary dispute about the adequacy and atemporality of the revealed message. In other words, normative implications will be based on the refusal of certain arguments of extreme feministic movements who claim that biblical upbringing violates the dignity of a woman and constitutes nowadays a relic of the past.






Teoria wychowania