Samopoznanie jako edukacyjny proces poszukiwania sensu



At present, the transformation of technological, social and cultural conditions helped free individuals from social fate, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it caused tensions connected with the necessity of making choices and seeking conditions for existence. In this way, the individual's identity has been lost because the individual remains trapped in a new reality that is multi-directional and encompasses different spheres of activity, none of which is dominant. Thus, the change in social and cultural relations determines the need to establish a new paradigm conscious of self-formation, through the educational process of the search for meaning. The content of the reflexive and analytical article is the application of the sense to pedagogy categories in its theoretical and practical dimension and an attempt to answer the following questions: How to solve basic existential problems of self-knowledge of an individual? What is the relation between solving basic existential problems within three scopes of identity formation (biological, psychical and social) and the process of finding meaning? What is the role of this process in developing a stable self-knowledge of an individual.






Teoria wychowania