Aksjologia wychowania daojiao


Słowa kluczowe:

nauczanie i wychowanie na Dalekim Wschodzie, taoizm; daojiao, pedagogika humanistyczna, wychowanie taoistyczne, pedagogika kultury


In this dissertation, the author presented the pedagogical values and the ideals of upbringing and self-upbringing of Daojiao, the Chinese stream of Daoism. Referring to the hermeneutic and comparative method, he reviews four biographies and achievements of Chinese masters of this stream, so-called “immortals”: Wei Boyang, Tai-yin Nü, wife of Zheng Wei and Ge Hong. Comparative studies into the contents of the stream of Daoism and the ideas of contemporary pedagogics, made visible analogies with culture pedagogics and new trends in psychology and humanistic pedagogics. The immortality and other terms of Neidan – Daojiao are metaphors, that indicate the pursuit of spiritual and moral development of man. Another value in the Daojiao is a meeting, whose meaning is similar to that contained in the pedagogy of O.F. Bollnow






Teoria wychowania