The influence of physical exercises on physical development and physical preparedness of the first year female students


physical development
physical preparedness
female students
special medical group
students’ health condition

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Petruk, L., & Grygus, I. (2019). The influence of physical exercises on physical development and physical preparedness of the first year female students. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 2(3), 97–105.


In institutions of higher education in Ukraine, there is a large number of female students with certain permanent or temporary health problems, associated with the disadvantages of physical development and reduced functional capacity of the body. These disadvantages can be eliminated with the help of physical education courses, which are an important part of the process of training in higher education institutions of III-IV accreditation level. We have reviewed the dynamics of the quantitative composition of first-year female students of a special medical group over the last six years and identified the most common nosology of students. The study involved 20 female students with diseases of the cardiovascular system. To determine
the level of physical development we have analyzed the anthropometric indicators and evaluated the functional capabilities of the cardiovascular system. The level of physical preparedness was determined by test exercises such as hand strength, flexibility and squatting on one leg. We have found that the number of first-year female students who were classified into a special medical group is 23.6% and increases every year, although the total number of students is decreasing. The most common diseases among this category of students are pathologies of the cardiovascular system (46,4%), musculoskeletal system (20,8%) and vision organs (11,4%). We have determined the physical development of students according to anthropometric indicators is determined.
We have evaluated the functional state of the cardiovascular system. We have established that the
obtained data are within the limits of the age and physiological norms that can be found in the
literature. We have calculated the Ruffier Index, which indicates low rates of cardiovascular system
of first-year female students.
The use of the proposed system of physical exercises for physical education for first-year female
students has positively influenced the work of the cardiovascular system and the physical preparedness of the respondents.