Ways of Improving Physical Activity of Primary School Children


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Moskalenko, N., & Vlasiuk, O. (2019). Ways of Improving Physical Activity of Primary School Children. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 16(4), 97–105. https://doi.org/10.16926/kf.2017.16.39


The article is about problems in increasing motive activity for children of primary school age, the aim of which is improving their health. Thanks to a sufficient amount of physical activity children of all age groups have an optimum level of health, physical development and will acquire motor skills. One of the important problems of our time is to improve the health of children. The study indicates a relatively low level of health in children of primary school age, which is associated with decreased levels of physical activity. Studies show that for children of 6 to 7 years of age the number of hours on average and high levels of motor activity tend to decrease. At the age of six 2 hours. 10 min (9,1%) are spent at the average level, 40 minutes (2.6 per cent) – at the high level, and at the age of seven – 1 hour. 7 min(7,35%) are spent at the average level, 20 min (1,05%) – at the high level. The greatest number of hours is spent at the basic level (44,5% at the age of 6, 39.4% – at the age of 7). At the age of six 88.3% of the time are given to the base and low level, at the age of seven – 91.6 %, 11.7 % and 8.4 % are given to the average and high levels accordingly, which indicates a sedentary lifestyle. The solution to the problem of preservation of health and ensuring harmonious development of personality in educational institutions is of great practical importance. In this regard physical culture, as the basis of ensuring the strengthening of children's health, has new challenges that require the development and creation of physical education system in secondary schools which provides improvement of all components in health - mental, social, physical. One of the conditions of effectiveness in the system of organization of sports and recreation activities is the introduction of various forms of work, taking into account the interests and motives of the children.