Program of Movement Activity for Seniors
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physical activity

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Horbacz, A., & Buková, A. (2020). Program of Movement Activity for Seniors. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 2(4), 173–186.


Lack of exercise reduces the necessary stimuli for the optimal psychosomatic development of seniors, which is why a large part of society has a need to participate in organized and planned physical exercises. It is advisable to offer an approach to the movement that would encompass the physical, mental and social spheres of the human being.

The aim of the work is to present an offer for a physical activity program for older women. We focus mainly on practical recommendations for physical activity of seniors, emphasizing health and thus their quality of life.

Each year, a number of new therapeutic methods and modern forms of treatment are introduced that affect the extension of life expectancy and reduce the mortality of older people. The use of more and more new diagnostic methods allows for a more effective diagnosis of older people, which is closely related to determining the appropriate directions of work with this group.

New action strategies related to physical exercises present connectivity with the growing health potential. Physical activity as part of a lifestyle is an enrichment of the quality of life, an expression of the culture of man and the culture of society.
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