Establishment and development of music therapy (historical aspect)
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music therapy
history of medicine
prevention of diseases

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Wilczkowska , A. . (2020). Establishment and development of music therapy (historical aspect). Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 2(4), 133–145.


The main goal of research is to determine historical sources, literature in the history of music, medicine, philosophical thought, literature on the psychology of the process of establishing and developing music therapy as a method of prevention and treatment of psychopathic diseases in people of all ages.

The use of music in the flying of various diseases has a centuries-old history. In ancient China, Japan, Indian and Greece specific national systems were created in a given area of medicine. This experience has resulted in the treatment of sick people in the next historical periods.

In the present era music therapy has been widely disseminated in healing practice on all counties of the world. To a large extent this was fostered by the training of specialists in this field at universities; development of scientific exercise programs in music therapy; the dissemination of audiovisual technology; acceptance of the use of music therapy in medical and rehabilitation facilities by individual ministries of public health in most of Europe, America and Asia.

The effectiveness of using as a means of preventing treatment of diseases has been confirmed by many years of practice of music therapists from various countries around the world. A significant effect of music therapy, especially in children and adolescent, is the integration of music with physical and dance exercises (rhythmic classes) that promote the increase of interest in exercising, increasing the impact on their psychophysical development, shaping the correct posture, emotional development, shaping motivation to participate in these classes.
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