Opinions and Attitudes of Recreational Swimmers from Kosice to Other Sport Activities


Recreational swimmers
sports activities
physical activity
leisure time

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Matúš, I., & Labudová, J. (2019). Opinions and Attitudes of Recreational Swimmers from Kosice to Other Sport Activities. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 15(3), 111–121. https://doi.org/10.16926/kf.2016.15.26


Regular physical activity positively affects the entire organism and also the vitality of the human body. The aim of our study was to analyse the attitude of recreational swimmers to other sports activities. The research group involved 55 participants from Košice (35 men aged 34±11,7 and 20 women aged 33±10,7). As a research method, we used a questionnaire with mostly closed questions. The answers of recreational swimmers suggest a positive finding that recreational swimming inspires them to practice also other sports activities. Most of the recreational swimmers practice other sports activities that are not organized but they do other sports activity 1–5 times per week. The men prefer and practice more sports activities per week than women (p < 0,05). The participants mostly practice cycling, running, men also play football and hockey, wheres women practice fitness and dance. Most of the participants would like to do more activities but they are limited by lack of free time and specifically women are limited by family care (p < 0,05). All the participants practice other sports activities because of their own need, whilst women chose to maintain appropriate body weight and good figure as the significant reasons for practicing the sports activity. In general, we can conclude that recreational swimmers, who practice swimming 1–2 times per week and also practice 1–5 times per week other sports activities, have enough physical activity positively influencing their health and physical condition.