Sport climbing, the Olimpyc’s discipline? Following the attempts of place in the Olimpyc’s game program
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sport climbing
Olympic Games

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Ręgwelski, T., & Roszkowska, E. (2019). Sport climbing, the Olimpyc’s discipline? Following the attempts of place in the Olimpyc’s game program. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 15(4), 35–49.


The leading idea of new era of Olympics’ games organised since 1896 is Latin sentence Citius, Altius, Fortius. Sport climbing is a discipline, in which these faster, higher, stronger is perceptible and fully effected. Activities to include sports climbing into the Olympic Game program, has been realising since 80th of XX century. Before, alpinism which was not Olympic discipline, was frequently, against the willingness of the majority of alpinist societies, was present on Olympic Game. 80th in XX century came with intensive development of sports climbing and climbing competition. In 1987 International Sports Climbing Committee has been found, procedures of conducting of climbing competition have been unified and specified and agreed strategy of development of sports climbing in the consideration of Olympic Games. In 1992 in Chambery the climbing competition “Pro-Omypique” has been organized. In 2007 in Frankfurt the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) has been found. Thanks to the attempts of IFSC, 12th February 2010 the International Olympic Committee considered climbing as a sports discipline. Three years later climbing has been listed on the waiting list of eventual discipline at the program at the Tokyo Olympic Game in 2020. At the 129. Plenary session of the IOC in Rio, on August 3, 2016, sport climbing has been included to the Program of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Implementation of climbing into the Olympic Game program is a big chance for development of this spectacular discipline and capstone of many years’ attempts, which were done by climbing organizations and societies worldwide.
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