Causes and Circumstances of Formation Traumatic Body Injuries in Majorettes
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Pasek, J., Cieślar, G., Motow-Czyż, M., & Sieroń, A. (2019). Causes and Circumstances of Formation Traumatic Body Injuries in Majorettes. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 16(4), 123–132.


Majorette is the dancer who presents two styles – baton and pom-pom, dancing according to definite principles. It requires from dancer the manual acquirements, grace and the good command of a technique of dance. The majorettes step out on stage demonstrations and the street parades, at which they present choreographic, dance-marching arrangements, to the music of brass bands, juggling and throwing up the majorettes baton at the same time. Motorial activity executed by the majorettes qualifies to the sport disciplines, with enlarged risk of appearance of body injuries. In this study, performed in a period since 2014 to half of 2016 year, 23 majorettes of Sport Club from the terrain of Silesian province actively training and starting in the competitions were involved. The questionnaire including 15 questions forming single diagnostic test on weigh sample was applied. On the basis of obtained answers, the analysis of most frequent causes of traumatic body injuries, their location, as well as the circumstances of appearance of injuries related to undertaken sport activity and the usage of majorette batons was performed. The analysis of obtained results showed, that the most frequent causes of traumatic injuries of the body in majorettes was the insufficient warming up (52,1%), as well as the lack of recovery of previously experienced injuries (21,7%). The most frequent injuries regarded bottom limbs (35,5%), head (34,2 %), as well as upper limbs (30,2%). Most often injuries occurred during trainings (47,8%), as well as during competitions (30,4%). Most often cause of traumatic injuries of the body in majorettes, regarding mainly bottom limbs and head, are incorrectly conducted warming up, especially during the training in the period of preparation for the contests, and also the lack of complete recovery of previously experienced injuries, that promotes the recurrence of body injuries.
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