Profile of a Participant in Mantrailing in Poland


physical activity
dog sports

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Warcholik, W., & Chmielowska, D. (2021). Profile of a Participant in Mantrailing in Poland. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 4(3), 143–154.


The aim of the study was to determine the profile of people practising mantrailing on the territory of Poland. The study covered people who practice or have practiced mantrailing – members of the group „Mantrailing Poland”. The scientific method applied was a diagnostic survey – a questionnaire consisting of questions designed by the authors. People interested in mantrailing in Poland are a relatively young and well-educated group, the vast majority come from the city. In the case of tracking, the predominance of women in dog-related activities is also confirmed. The main motives for practising tracking in Poland are determining the needs, predispositions and activity of the dog and the desire to learn about its performance directly in the field. It is not, however, about passing exams and obtaining certificates in tracking, or the aspect of competition. The list of breeds with which people practise mantrailing is extremely varied with no strict list of breeds that they consider preferable for this form of recreation. The main inhibitors of tracking in Poland are financial resources and lack of time.