Psycho-Physiological Aspects in Karate Sports Preparation


martial arts
combat sports
psycho-physiological sports training
sport performance

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Benedik, Ľudovít, & Görner, K. (2020). Psycho-Physiological Aspects in Karate Sports Preparation. Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 3(2), 79–90.


In the study, we tried to point out, on the basis of comparison conclusions of several research works, how much the psycho-physiological aspects contribute to influencing the conception of sport preparation in terms of the philosophical context of preparation in traditional martial arts. We elucidated the perception of the difference between martial arts and combat sports and emphasized the psychological dimension of training in sports karate in relation to physical training. At the same time, we were looking for relationships that would give us an answer as to which of these aspects are more effective in terms of sports performance. In conclusion, on the basis of a comprehensive content analysis of the findings, we draw attention to the fact that only the mutual correlation of both selected aspects can achieve the desired results in the training of karate practitioners.