Wrestling in the Association of Folk Sport Teams (LZS) in Warmia and Mazury (1964–1975)
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Warmia and Mazury
LZS clubs
free style wrestling

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Wójcik, Z. . (2022). Wrestling in the Association of Folk Sport Teams (LZS) in Warmia and Mazury (1964–1975). Sport and Tourism Central European Journal, 5(1), 55–75. https://doi.org/10.16926/sit.2022.01.03


Wrestling appeared in the region of Warmia and Mazury relatively late and in the LZS Association just in the mid 60’s. Rural athletes were particulary fond of freestyle. It was practised in six LZS clubs: Zarzew Mazuchówka, Mazur Wydminy, Naprzód Sulima, Pogoń Ryn, Giżycko and Piast Sterławki Wielkie. Despite the lack of highly qualified staff and spartan training accommodations, mediocre successes were achieved in the regional, zonal and nationwide competition. Shaped by hard physical work, sports progress empowered the character of practitioners, the correct recruitment and selection, determination and commitment to training process and the lack of alternative forms of spending spare time. The youth from small towns and villages perceived sport as one of the few attractions. Therefore the possibility of wrestling, created by sports activists, had many supporters. Sport activities integrated young people in small towns and villages, it was also a good way to get to know other larger agglomerations, their history, monuments and cultural traditions and all this complemented school educational process.

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