Public-Private Partnership in Shaping the Investment Risk of the Gmina


Słowa kluczowe:

ryzyko gminy, partnerstwo publiczno-prywatne, inwestycje infrastruktury technicznej


The subject of the article is the gmina’s1 risk related to the implementation of technical infrastructure investments. In particular, its attention was focused on the issues of risk in the context of investments through public-private partnerships. The aim of the paper is to understand the risk associated with the implementation of the gmina’s investment in technical infrastructure on the principles of public-private partnership. The existence of risk in investments in technical infrastructure results from general premises of investment risk but also from the specific nature of technical infrastructure investments. In the case of investments in technical infrastructure carried out jointly by a gmina and a private partner, a risk arises in the same way as it is in an independently implemented investment project. In addition, public-private partnership affects the gmina’s risk in two ways. First of all, publicprivate partnership contributes to the reduction of the gmina’s risk and serves to transfer its part to a private entity. Secondly, however, the cooperation opens up new areas of risk that
are not present when a gmina shall be independent in the investment process.